Gender Inclusive Private Sector (GIPS) Framework

About the Framework

There is growing awareness that promoting women’s economic empowerment makes good business sense. Yet legal, regulatory, and policy barriers persist that prevent women’s full and equal participation in Pacific private sectors. The Gender Inclusive Private Sector (GIPS) Framework is designed to measure and improve gender inclusivity in the private sector in the Pacific. The framework serves as a practical checklist for Pacific governments and institutions to measure progress and identify areas where further improvements are needed. Explore the framework dimensions and assessment criteria here.

The country assessment charts show the results of country assessments for Fiji, Solomon Islands, and Tonga. These assessments were undertaken by PSDI through desk- based research and review of relevant legislation, policy, and national reports, with additional information provided by key informants, including government representatives. PSDI also held validation workshops and presentations in Fiji, Solomon Islands, and Tonga to verify the ratings, assess associated sources, and identify any errors or adjustments.

Download the GIPS framework report and full country assessments here.